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Cosmetic, Personal Health and Pharmaceutical Packaging- TMC45 Success

4th October 2017

The brief:

A large cosmetics producer challenged Frictec to improve the life of their tube cutting applications. Due to these cosmetic products commanding premium retail prices, it was imperative that the quality was controlled to a very high standard.

Marketing is a key part of the success of this sector. Therefore, the materials and designs of the product packaging, constantly challenges the capabilities of the packaging machinery used.


Outstanding cut quality

The result:

Frictec were given the task of improving both knife life along with superior cut quality.

Visits to the factories established two key ares where Frictec's unique TMC45 material could provide measurable results in production efficiencies for this client.

The manufacture of the tubes themselves was a primary focus. Materials used to produce tubes can be very demanding on standard knife applications.

The second area of focus was the over wrapping of the finished product. Again, due to the high end market, a crisp pristine finish was required. Previously this required finish was achieved but by frequent knife changes and adjustments, which proved to be costly in both down time and additional maintenance costs.

Measurable improvements were achieved in many areas:
1. The introduction of Frictec's unique TMC45 material trebled the life of the standard knives, and also drastically improved the cut quality, in turn leading to a superior finish and an improved aesthetic appearance of the end product. 
2. Annual savings were achieved on replacement part expenditure, and from a reduction in maintenance costs.
3. Product wastage was also reduced, with substantial reductions on rejected items. Customer returns were also noticeably reduced- following the change to using Frictec's TMC45 long life material.
4. Following the success of Tube and Overwrap knives with this large cosmetics producer, Frictec was then also entrusted to supply knives for Sachet lines.

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