Heel & Planar

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Heel and Planar Packaging Machine Knives from Frictec:

Manufactured in TMC45, Frictec's Heel and Planar knives will outperform your current replacement parts, lasting on average more than twice the life of standard applications.

  • Manufactured to exacting quality standards.
  • Reverse engineering, where no drawings are available.
  • Improved cut quality and machine efficiencies.
  • TMC45 applied to Heel & Planar parts only available from Frictec.
  • The guaranteed way to improve your productivity.
  • Reduce your down time and resetting cost with TMC45.

This product is available in TMC45
Machine type:

Sig, Alpma, Hassia, Carugil, Rose Foregrove, Autowrappers, BFB, PDC, Petri, Otto Hansel




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