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Client Feedback

See what our clients say about Frictec and our services.

"TMC45 knives last about 4 times longer"

"After analysing the results from our test with Frictec’s TMC45 knives, we see that they last about 4 times longer than our original knives. I would recommend them to other companies."

"No hesitation in recommending Frictec"

"We have gained the following benefits from using Frictec Knives: Lower price than the OEM, consistently extended knife life compared to OEM and locally produced knives, subsequent reduction of downtime as well as a much improved delivery time and level of service and support compared to the OEM. I have no hesitation in recommending Frictec knives."

"Superior to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)"

"We have used Frictec knives on our aseptic packaging machines for some years now and have always found them to be superior to the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Service is good and sales staff are very helpful. I have no trouble in recommending Frictec as a competent and reliable supplier."

"High workmanship and a good QA system"

"We have been buying Frictec knives for the past five years and we have had no problems with them. We have put this down to high workmanship and a good QA system."

Discover how you can benefit from Frictec's unique TMC 45 Friction Surfacing Technology.

The sectors we operate in range from food and drink to beauty and pharmaceutical.

Explore Frictec's wide range of machine knives and consumable wear parts here.

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