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Company History

Frictec has been providing companies across the world with quality knives and wear parts for over 30 years


Back in the 1980’s, the late Professor Monty Bedford lead research into friction welding. His team compared friction weld joint materials with the original materials from which the joints were formed.

The team then continued the study of how friction welding could be adapted and used as a coating process, the coating being applied to engineered components to enhance their performance and operating life. Thus friction surfacing had been conceived.

In the late 1980's, Frictec Ltd was established to exploit commercial applications of friction surfacing. In the early 1990's the process was developed from a small-scale laboratory process to one that could be used commercially. Two prototype friction-surfacing machines were built to finalise the specification for machine 3, our full-scale friction-surfacing machine that we manufacture TMC45 with today.

The obvious applications where friction surfacing would improve and enhance the performance of standard engineered components are machine knives and other machine wear parts. Frictec's core business is in these areas.



Frictec has grown into a multinational company, supplying over 500 customers worldwide. A multilingual sales team speaking 5 languages including English, French, German, Polish and Spanish is on hand to provide an excellent level of customer service. Frictec now specialises in supplying long life knife applications and wear parts, primarily in the packaging industry.

Assisting companies to improve levels of productivity and overall production efficiencies are Frictec’s common goal. Using our unique TMC45 material, along with many years of research, development and experience, has enabled Frictec to work with numerous blue chip companies worldwide.

Since the beginning, Frictec has shown dedication in providing an increase in efficiency to customers with innovative effective solutions to their production problems.

Looking to the future with Frictec

Frictec is a prospering company with a unique product looking to expand its customer base and provide its exceptional service worldwide. Expanding into new markets, both within and outside Europe is of paramount importance to Frictec, and it looks to become recognised worldwide for its expertise. Frictec's main objectives are:

  • To continue to expand globally
  • Growth within the wear parts sector
  • To become a well recognised manufacturing organisation for its high-quality wear parts and assemblies as it is currently for long life knife applications
  • To extend our business and supply to more companies in international markets

Discover how you can benefit from Frictec's unique TMC 45 Friction Surfacing Technology.

The sectors we operate in range from food and drink to beauty and pharmaceutical.

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