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Our approach

With over three decades of experience in manufacturing industrial knives and consumable wear parts for the packaging industry, Frictec are trusted suppliers to many multi-national companies worldwide.

Assisting companies to improve levels of productivity and overall production efficiencies are Frictec's common goal. Using our TMC45 material along with many years of research and development experience has enabled Frictec to work with numerous blue chip companies worldwide.

Frictec has supported cutting applications and wear parts in the packaging industry for over 20 years. Quality is of the utmost importance at Frictec and our strict quality assurance procedures are applied throughout our production, including the friction surfacing process. Food approved steel and high-quality manufacturing techniques reinforce our attention to exacting detail.

Working closely with our customers and understanding their challenges in this changing and competitive market, has allowed Frictec to extend its offer on wear parts, assemblies and consumable goods. Frictec’s wear parts can provide substantial annual savings and productivity benefits for the customer, and we will continue to do this in the future.

Discover how you can benefit from Frictec's unique TMC 45 Friction Surfacing Technology.

The sectors we operate in range from food and drink to beauty and pharmaceutical.

Explore Frictec's wide range of machine knives and consumable wear parts here.

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