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Reverse engineering

Re-creating and enhancing knives and wear parts from just a sample or drawing

Obtaining samples or technical drawings of parts allows Frictec to carry out reverse engineering. Many high tolerance parts are only available from the original supplier. These are sourced at the premium price with no alternative.

Frictec offer companies a service to reverse engineer parts from new or used samples, producing exacting high-quality components at competitive prices. The ability to change supplier and source alternative parts generates annual savings and cost effective solutions.

With the use of state of the art technology and photographic CNC measuring equipment, Frictec is able to support organisations by providing exacting quality, high tolerance parts and replicating O.E.M. specifications. Detailed reports and illustrations from this technology provide an official record of technical evaluations and specifications.

In addition, this technology, as well as extensive experience, also allows Frictec to design and manufacture bespoke parts to suit individual requirements and specifications. 

If you have a knife or wear part that you would like us to reverse-engineer, or perhaps generate a quote for, please feel free to contact us,  to give us more information.

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