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Tube knives

Reduce your annual spend on replacement tube knife applications.


With Frictec's patented TMC45 friction surfaced material. Frictec knives last considerably longer than standard replacement parts.

  • Competitive prices will ensure significant savings verses the original equipment manufacturer on tube cutting applications.
  • Constantly investing in the latest CNC technology allows Frictec to manufacture parts to exacting quality standards.
  • With TMC45's increased hardness and edge retention, even the most challenging plastic tube materials will be cut efficiently.
  • Quality assurance techniques ensure Frictec delivers exacting and precision parts all of the time.


List of Machine Makes

Discover how you can benefit from Frictec's unique TMC 45 Friction Surfacing Technology.

The sectors we operate in range from food and drink to beauty and pharmaceutical.

Explore Frictec's wide range of machine knives and consumable wear parts here.

See how you can benefit from the variety of services Frictec has to offer.

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