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Dairy & Cheese Packaging

Frictec has been supplying long life TMC45 knives, wear parts and aseptic packaging parts, to clients worldwide in the dairy and cheese sector, for nearly three decades. We now support capping, filling and sleeving machines too.

  • Have supported cutting applications and wear parts in the Dairy and Cheese packaging sector for so long allows us to offer expert advice on part improvement and suggestions where needed.

  • We offer considerable savings of up to 30%  compared to the OEM prices.
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  • We manufacture consumable wear parts for filling, capping and sleeving applications, as well as long life TMC45 knives and aseptic packaging machine parts, demonstrating our wide capabilities to cater to your requirements.

  • Our ability to reverse engineer and re-design parts where required, enables us to meet the challenges our customers face within this sector.

A selection of specialised surface coatings are also availble with our products, which can further enhance the efficiency of your applications. Visit our Materials and Coatings page to see how our extra coatings could benefit your production lines.

Contact our sales team for any questions, or further information required.

A selection of the products we can make:

Discover how you can benefit from Frictec's unique TMC 45 Friction Surfacing Technology.

The sectors we operate in range from food and drink to beauty and pharmaceutical.

Explore Frictec's wide range of machine knives and consumable wear parts here.

See how you can benefit from the variety of services Frictec has to offer.

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