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Regrind & Refurbishment Success

10th October 2017

The brief:

Frictec offer a regrind and refurbishment service to many customers.  One customer we had been supplying for some time with new knives was using a local engineering company to re-grind the knives.  Our customer complained of reduced knife life regarding the re-ground blades.

The result:

Frictec offer a complete regrind and refurbishment on each knife.  This encompasses providing purpose plastic boxes specifically for the storing and transport of knives. On receipt of the box of parts for re-grind the knives are cleaned inspected and re-ground using specific grinding wheels and coolant appropriate for the various knife materials such as TMC45, various tool steels and Carbides.  Following the re-grinds the knives are inspected for flatness and straightness to ensure ease of set up and full operational life.  The knives are returned using the purpose designed plastic boxes to eliminate damage in transit.

The customer is using the Frictec re-grind service and as a result has seen a reduction in the purchase of new knives as well as a reduction in the total number of re-grinds used.

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