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Long Life Sachet Knives For Packaging Machine from Frictec:

Frictec is a specialist provider of components for sachet cutting systems. We supply a wide variety of sachet knives for numerous machine types.

Utilising the latest production techniques and equipment, Frictec ensure that all parts meet approved quality standards.

Frictec has been successfully supporting replacement long life knife applications for the confectionery industry for over 15 years. Our patented TMC45 material has consistently achieved excellent results in this market.

The new technology from Frictec enables our knives to exceed and outperform standard steels and carbide.

  • Manufactured using state of the art machinery
  • Produced to your required specifications
  • Full quality assurance on all parts
  • Short lead times on non-standard parts
  • Superior quality materials ~ increasing operating life
  • Competitive prices ~ reducing annual expenditure on knives
  • Fast worldwide delivery

This product is available in TMC45
Machine type:

Enflex, Volpak, Bartelt.

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