Service Solutions

Frictec is a dynamic and flexible company, proud of the high quality replacement machine knives supplied to its customers. There are many measures taken to ensure that customer satisfaction is at its highest. Frictec take the time to understand the packaging machines, replacement parts and manufacturing procedures of each individual company. Having a clear understanding and knowledge is paramount in improving the quality and efficiency at production level.

Research and Development

Frictec is the only company able to offer Friction Surfacing on a commercial basis and has many years experience applying the technology to practical wear applications. We continue to develop the process and its capabilities with our in-house R&D team working in cooperation with various industrial and academic partners. With our specialised equipment and dedicated R&D facility, Frictec is able to develop ideal composite materials for new applications. With the appropriate material selection, specific characteristics can be obtained to achieve:

  • Improved wear resistance
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Homogenous repairs to valuable components
  • Desired thermal/electrical conductive properties

Wide ranges of component sizes and geometries have been successfully coated and many materials, including specialist alloys, have been investigated and analysed. An extensive database has been established, which has led to the development of sophisticated process modelling software used to help predict process parameters for new materials.

Machine capabilities include depositing steel mechtrode diameters from 2mm-32mm with linear tracks as long as 2m in a single run.
The following examples show some of the geometries that have been successfully Friction Surfaced.

  • Onto a flat surface
  • Into and edge or central recess
  • Pre-formed hole spot deposits
  • Precise location deposits

tmc-45 set

Quality & Design

quality3Frictec possess the technology required to adapt replacement machine knives and wear parts according to specific needs. In a bid to reduce machine downtime, customers are provided with recommendations to prevent reoccurring problems. Improving the quality and design of replacement knives supplied measurably increases overall operating efficiency.

Use of Bespoke Materials

With over 20 years experience working with bespoke materials, Frictec has accumulated a broad knowledge in the cutting and wear parts sector. Frictec recognize changing material properties can drastically enhance a parts' working life and performance. TMC45 patented to Frictec, has supported many applications worldwide, reinforcing our strength in this specialized area.

Materials and coatings

In addition to our patented TMC45 material, we also have a comprehensive knowledge of other high performance materials and coatings available; we constantly strive to stay ahead of the latest technological developments.

Improve knife performance with Frictec's long life coatings; coatings available at Frictec are TiN, WC/C and AITiN.

  • TiN increases cutting edge retention whilst improving cut quality.
  • It will perform effectively in temperatures up to 600°C.
  • TiN can assist with the removal of build up on cutting faces and knife-edges.
  • TiN coating will improve overall productivity, reducing down time and maintenance costs.
  • WC/C acts as a dry lubricant reducing build up and clogging.
  • Reduces the coefficient of friction on the knife edge/body (0.1-0.2).
  • WC/C increases surface hardness to 1,500/1,000 micro hardness.
  • WC/C will perform effectively in temperatures up to 300°C.
  • AITiN increases surface hardness to 3,300 micro hardness.
  • Reduces the coefficient of friction on the knife edge/body (0.4).
  • ALTiN supports the highest surface hardness qualities along with the ability to withstand extreme working temperatures.
  • Improves cutting edge retention, along with cutting quality and overall knife life.

We have compiled an extensive database of information covering a broad spectrum of high performance materials and coatings. This database is supported by a continuous effort to test and compare these materials and coatings for each application, so we can offer the optimum product.
For each application we can offer the most appropriate material and where necessary, apply a surface coating to maximise wear resistance or release factor.

Reverse Engineering

tesavisioObtaining samples or technical drawings of parts allow Frictec to carry out reverse engineering. Many high tolerance parts are only available from the original supplier. These are sourced at premium price with no alternative. Frictec offer companies a service to reverse engineer parts from new or used samples, producing exacting high quality parts at competitive prices. The ability to change supplier and source alternative parts generates annual savings and cost effective solutions. With the use of state of the art technology and photographic CNC measuring equipment, Frictec are able to support organizations by providing exacting quality, high tolerance parts and replicating O.E.M. specifications.

Site Visits

site visitFrictec visit customers at site to understand production demands, communicate more effectively face to face, and identify where Frictec parts can be successfully implemented. We follow up progress, work along side and help develop applications according to the opportunities and challenges. Visiting production areas and liaising with experienced engineering teams ensure that Frictec fully understand the applications, which are in need of support.

These meetings provide the structure and planning required to jointly improve overall output and build a stronger relationship.


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