Frozen Food

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The frozen food industry utilise many cutting applications, including perforation knives for form, fill and seal bagging machinery. Frictec specialise in the redesign and manufacture of knife applications in order to support the cutting of paper, plastics and other materials.

Perforation knives endure many stresses during the cutting process, which can dramatically reduce knife life. Material residue on the blade can also challenge cut quality. Frictec's production process offers optional coatings on it's knives to increase hardness and provide a non-stick coating for the prevention of these potential problems.

Good quality, long lasting parts are available at competitive prices providing a considerable annual saving for customers.

Knife types used:

Circular Knives
Circular knives
Overwrap Knives
Overwrap knives
Perforation & Bagging
Sachet knives
Sachet knives


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