Frictec ...the competitive edge

Frictec has supported cutting applications and wear parts for the bakery production and packing sector for over 10 years. Quality is of the utmost importance at Frictec and our strict quality assurance procedures are applied throughout production, including the friction surfacing process. Food approved steels and high quality manufacturing techniques reinforce our attention to exacting detail.

The bakery industry supports a wide variety of packaging applications. Frictec offer solutions from standard replacement parts, to re-design techniques, depending on the industry production challenges. Long life coatings are also available in order to improve cutting efficiencies and lower maintenance costs.

Send Frictec a sample and through our reverse engineering ability; experience high performance, long life cutting applications and competitive prices.

Knife types used:

Circular Knives
Circular knives
Crush & Anvil
Crush & Anvil
Overwrap Knives
Overwrap knives
Perforation & Bagging
Sachet knives
Sachet knives
Scissor knives
Scissor knives


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