quality4Quality is of the utmost importance at Frictec and our strict quality assurance procedures are applied throughout production, including the friction surfacing process. Frictec operates a system specifically tailored to your needs, following the guidelines of ISO9000 quality standards. Friction surfacing is a very controllable process with the repeatability and reliability of modern machine tool technology.

Quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process ensures the highest quality parts are consistently supplied. State of the art inspection equipment allows us to accurately measure all component dimensions to the finest tolerances. Equipment such as the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), sophisticated profile projectors and microscopes enable us to not only inspect accurately, but also to precisely reverse engineer parts from customer samples.

quality3Our latest addition, the TESA VISIO 300 DCC allows us to design and manufacture bespoke parts to suit individual requirements and specifications. Detailed reports and illustrations provide an official record of technical evaluations and specifications.

Frictec has the a bility to design and engineer high tolerance parts to exacting dimensional standards. Detailed reports and illustrations also provide an official record of technical evaluations and specifications.

The value of Frictec knives is well recognised worldwide. Numerous international blue chip companies have adopted our knives in many varied and arduous packaging and processing applications. The resulting operational and financial benefits achieved for our customers have exceeded their expectations.


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